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Those COOL strokes!

Low blood pressure? High readings?

There is a simple home remedy for controlling your blood pressure and arterial tone without internal medications, vigorous exercises or special diets! It is very simple and it really works! click on Testimonials for more interesting information.

Did you know that there are two kinds of high and two kinds of low blood pressure readings?

If the arteries relax too much, at first the blood pressure falls, but if the heart is strong enough it may sooner or later begin to work harder and the extra heart action may push the blood pressure up very high. This, however, is a deceptive blood pressure because the arteries are still relaxed and these patients will be injured by all the methods of treatment generally used for regular hypertension patients.

This webpage deals only with treatment for hypotension (low blood pressure), both low and high readings. It presents the principles of the therapeutic use of cold applications in correcting chronic hypotension of the arteries. This condition can be overcome by the proper use of cold. These patients require the stimulus of cold properly applied to affect the spinal centers that control arterial tension.

In regular hypertension the arteries are overactive and require heat and massage to calm them down.

For patients with severe low blood pressure involving serious diseases, please visit Stories 3 and 4 under Testimonies. The Erdman Clinic was closed when the owner retired. However, there are people who worked there and can help you!

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