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           The Apostle Paul game is downloadable! The download is a pdf file that contain the files to print your
             own games, complete with rules and instructions. Supply your own playing pieces.
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Life of Apostle Paul Game! Apostle Paul Game

The Apostle Paul Game is a fun teaching tool for studying the life of Apostle Paul.

Using the actual map as the background for Paul's journeys, a new game has been created.

Movements on the board are controlled by Question and Answer Cards.

Points can be earned for arriving on particular circles of the journey, plus points for correctly answered questions on each card. Every card gives different instructions for movement and points.

The question/answer cards each give a segment of the journey indicated by the color coding on the card, also by the title of the journey and scripture refernece where the answer may be found. Keep the cards separate for each journey or mix them all together for more mature groups or players. NOTE: Early answers can be found on the enclosed Life of the Apostle Paul outline (Enclosed)

The download includes the following:
  • Two sizes for each of four gameboards: 16.5 x 11 (tabloid) and legal size, which you can print on your own computer or have printed by your local printer.
  • Complete set of question/answer cards for each journey.
  • One set of Travel Cards
  • Rules for playing the game.
  • A copy of the "Life of the Apostle Paul - An Outline"

  • Recommend using semi-gloss card stock, fairly heavy, for endurance. It lasts longer and looks more exciting.
    All you need to supply is your Bibles, a piece of paper to keep track of your points and a desire to have fun while you study Paul's life together.

    You will need to print the cards, front and back, and cut them apart. Remove 1/4" border from around the sheet, then cut to regular business size cards.They are all color-coded per trip and numbered, so it is easy to keep track of them.

    You may print as many copies of the game as you wish. We do ask that you do not SELL them or pass on the files. Let us do that! Thank you for your support.

    The Life and Journeys of the Apostle Paul - An Outline
    UPDATED 11/7/2012 WITH MORE DATA and Scriptures! The above link will provide you with all the information you need to follow all the maps of Paul's journeys and lay the foundation for you for studying the life and ministry of the Apostle Paul. It is in a .pdf format so that you can just save it to your computer.FREE!

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