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***Stable to Throne is available in two kindle versions and in a soft cover book format.

It has been removed from this site as it now belongs under the jurisdiction of Amazon. However, the maps and sermon outlines will still be available here. I did not put them in the new ebook.

This is a combined Gospel story of the Life of Jesus Christ. It uses CEV scripture, places events in order and only the duplications are edited out. Some nice silhouette illustrations throughout.

Each teaching or parable has a number for easy reference. Also, all the scriptures that were combined are listed in each little section for study purposes. Excellent resource for every believer.

This book is not intended to be used as a replacement for the Gospels. It is another tool to be used to introduce the Gospel Message.

God's Plan of Salvation is included in this book. Stable to the Throne can be used for nightly readings with the family.

Synchronize your ebook, and it will also be available on all your other aps.

Edited by Maralyn Dyck, Bible Maps Plus
Assistant Editor: Peter Dyck

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Disclaimer Statement
The four New Testament Gospels are independent books in the Bible, each witnessing from its own perspective the life, work, message and meaning of Jesus Christ. In this book, passages from each of these four Gospels have been combined into one narrative, deleting only the duplicate words or statements.

All rearrangements involved in combining the four Gospels are entirely the responsibility of the author.

The original title was Combined Gospels. The older version was published by Dyck Books in 1996 in Kelowna, BC Canada.

ISBN 1-896752-01-2 (Perfect Binding 8-1/2 x 5-1/5)
5000 copies were printed.