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               In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God,
                  and the Word was God. He was in the beginning with God.    John 1:1-2

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Article Index Links:

1 Creation versus Evolution - A Summary, Five Pages
1 |2 | 3 | 4 | 5

2 New Heavens and New Earth?

3Who's Who in the Revelation Zoo?
1 Rome, Vatican and Papacy
3 Miraculous Facts about Israel

4 Great Pyramid of Giza;
Article 1: Great Pyramid of Giza
Article 2: Designer/Builder/Structure
Article 3: Math/Engineering/History
Article 4: Bible/Calendar/Prophecy in Stone

5 Additional History from Dead Sea Scrolls; Article 1: Creation to Enoch
Shorter outline for study purposes.
Story Form for general reading.
Article 2: Enoch to Noah, Part 1
Study outline made easy.
Story Form for general reading.

6 Who\What is antichrist?

7 777 God's numerical design

1 Creation versus Evolution - Do you know the difference between them?"
I have chosen "gems" and various bits and pieces that all Christians should know about.
2 New Heavens and New Earth
Astronomers cannot explain it. Perhaps Christians can?
3 Who's Who in the Revelation Zoo - Who are the "beasts," and what does it mean for us today?
Understanding Apostle John's vision in the book of Revelation. This book gives both edification for believers and dire warnings for unbelievers.
Two Articles from my book, "Who's Who in the Revolution Zoo?":

Article 1. Appendix A: Rome, Vatican and Papacy. This gives you a complete history of the Roman Catholic Church from its beginning until the present. Appendix B: Babylonian Roots. Provides the background and culture of the Romans and the relationship to the Vatican.
Article 2 Appendix C: Facts about Israel - Just coincidence or miracles of judgment by God on their behalf? Fascinating information that I found on the internet and decided to share with all my readers!
4 The Great Pyramid of Giza - There will be four individual PDF files

5 History from Dead Sea Scrolls - There will be several PDF files.
Several articles providing new data from the Dead Sea Scrolls - from Jubilees, The Little Genesis, Enoch and Jerush. I have changed the old English format to modern English for easy reading. You can always get the Kindle edition of the book I use for these articles containing the original translation on Amazon. Details are at end of the first article.

I have provided the story formf for the combined books for general reading. The first two stories are ready.

There is a study outline and a story format, for each article.
6 Who is antichrist? A man, a system or both?

7 Gen. 1:1-777 Numerics

In Genesis 1:1 The number seven, plus multiplication of sevens are found in the 7 Hebrew words given in the old Hebrew and Greek manuscripts. There are seven examples given in this article but many more can be found with a bit of fiddling with the number seven in this short verse. I am providing the first seven articles in detail so that you can see how miraculous an event this is! The whole inspired Word of God is written based on mathematics. The main theme through the whole Bible are the number 7 and the number 40. Others are also used. If you like what you see and enjoy learning about numberics you might like to read the whole article from which I took this information, although other articles are also using the information as well. http://www.manathamrc Copy and paste into address bar.