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Creation versus Evolution
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Creation versus Evolution-what others are saying about it...a review."

Is Darwin responsible?

"If Darwin's right, we're just sophisticated monkeys. The Bible is wrong. There is no God. and without God, there is no right or wrong. We can just make up our morals as we go. The basis for all we believe is destroyed. And that's why this country is headed to hell in a handbasket." By an unidentified local businessman.

William Provine of Cornel University spelled this out explicitly years later in a debate: He said, "If Darwinism is true, then there are five inescapable conclusions:
  • there's no evidence for God
  • there's no life after death
  • there's no absolute foundation for right and wrong
  • there's no ultimate meaning for life
  • people don't really have free will!"

  • The Images of Evolution
    The Stanly Miller Experiment: This experiment produced a red goo containing amino acids! The origin of life could now be explained solely through natural processes!?? From there more and more complex creatures could be developed.

    This was followed up by Charles Darwin's "Tree of Life," Ernst Haeckel's drawings of Embryos and later by the "missing link."

    The above was followed by many textbooks and scientists accepting all the above.

    As Oxford evolutionist Richard Dawkins said: "The more you understand the significance of evolution, the more you are pushed away from an agnostic position and towards atheism."

    Lee Strobel in his book, "The Case for a Creator" said, "There are some evolutionists and theologians who see no conflict between believing in the doctrines of Darwin and the doctrines of Christianity."

    Kenneth R. Miller of Brown University declared that evolution is not anti-God!

    How ridiculous is this? It is against everything written in the Holy Bible, especially in Genesis! God created time and he said he created the earth in seven literal days, not over millions of years. The two cannot meet regardless of how you connect the dots!!!

    Nancy Pearcey: " can have God or natural selection, but not both."

    Stephen C. Meyer: "Contemporary Darwinism does not envision a God-guided process of evolutionary change."
    NOTE: I would like you to strip away your preconceptions as much as possible and keep an open mind as you as you read the thoughts of the following fascinating scientists and science-trained philosophers. At the end you can decide for yourself whether their answers and explanations stand up to scrutiny. For further study on any of the quotes I use, you can "google" their names or buy their books for more details. All I am trying to accomplish with this review is to open your eyes and minds to what the "enemy" of God is trying to God out of everything, just follow the news and see for yourselves how the world is disintegrating before our very eyes! We need to stand up and do something about it before all our young