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In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God,
and the Word was God. He was in the beginning with God. John 1:1-2

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1 Creation versus Evolution - A Summary, Five Pages
1 |2 | 3 | 4 | 5

2 New Heavens and New Earth? Interesting photo.

3 Little Known Facts about Rome, Vatican and Papacy
Click here.
Miraculous Facts about Israel Click here. Updated.

4 Great Pyramid of Giza
- Article 1: Great Pyramid of Giza
- Article 2: Designer/Builder/Structure
- Article 3: Math/Engineering/History
- Article 4: Bible/Calendar/Prophecy in Stone
- Article 5: Pyramids Update.

5 Additional History from Dead Sea Scrolls
- Article 1: Creation to Enoch
Detailed outline.
Shorter outline.
Story Form for general reading.

- Article 2: Enoch to Noah, Part 1
Detailed outline.
Shorter outline.
Story Form for general reading.

- Article 3: Noah, Outline-Noah-Abram-04-18.pdf">Study outline.
Story Format.

- Article 4. Noah to Nimrod; Abram, Isaac and Jacob
Part 1
Part 2
Abraham to Isaac-Part 3
Isaac and Jacob to Death of Sarah, Part 4
Jacob's story continued, Part 8
Jacob's story continues, Part 9
Jacob's story continues, Part 10
Jacob's story continues, Part 11
Jacob's story continues, Part 12
Jacob's story continues, Part 13
Jacob's story continues, Part 14
Jacob's story continues, Part 1story-Jacob-Joseph-continued-parts-16-17-03-09-2022.pdf">Jacob's story continues, Parts 16 and 17
Jacob's story continues, Part 18
Israel's story continues, Part 19
Israel's story continues, Part 20
Israel's story continues, Part 21 Israel's story continues, Part 22...Last one.

6 Who is antichrist?

7 God's numerical design,
Power Point Presentation.UPDATED

- Article 1: Foundation of Numerics and Gen.1:1 UPDATED
Numerics Foundation and Genesis 1-1"
- Article 2: Numerics of Books and Authors of the Bible UPDATED
Numerics of Books and Authors of the Bible"
- Article 3: Numerics of Books and Authors of the Bible UPDATED
Matthew 1-2 Christ’s Genealogy/Birth/Childhood, Mark 1:1-8, Chain Features"
- Article 4: Bible Numbers, Meanings and Use in the Bible, UPDATED Part 1
Study of numerical values of 13 specific numbers"
- Article 5: Bible Numbers, Meanings and Use in the Bible, Part 2 NEW
Study of numerical values of 13 specific numbers"
- Number ONE in Scripture - Unity
Number ONE"
- Number TWO in Scripture - Witness/Pair
Number TWO"
- Number THREE in Scripture - Divine Perfection/Godhead
Number THREE"
- Number FOUR in Scripture - Creation/Dominion
Number FOUR"
- Number FIVE in Scripture - Unity
Number FIVE"
- Number SIX in Scripture - Man, under sin, judgment
Number SIX"
- Number SEVEN in Scripture
Number SEVEN"
- Number EIGHT in Scripture
Number EIGHT"
- Number NINE in Scripture
Number NINE"
- Number TEN in Scripture
Number TEN"
- Number ELEVEN and TWELVE in Scripture
Numbers ELEVEN and TWELVE"

8 Flat Earth vs Global Earth
Power Point Presentation - Updated
Flat Earth vs Global Earth
Ancient Hebrew Version of a Flat Earth with a round globe.

9 Ahab/Jezebel vs Bill/Hillary paradigm
Ahab/Jezebel vs Bill/Hillary Paradigm

10 The Oracle - Outline of Jonathan Khan's book:
Amazing miracles and mysteriesof the Jubilees of the Israelis. Bible prophecies, ancient histories and modern histories match to the day, month and year. A fascinating way to learn the truth about the land of the Israelites from the time of their exile to Babylon to the present day. You will be amazed and thrilled at the perfection of God's planning and designs!
The Oracle Outline

11 Universal Flood Evidence
What took place during the flood from beginning to end. Information taken from The Genesis Flood and The Holy Bible. The book itself has over 500 pages of evidence, pros and cons as given by many contributers. This is a must-read for the serious student of truth. I have given the main highlights but have not given the answers to all the questions that are asked. They are in the book; I cannot begin to give them all...just enough to "wet your appetite." Read the book and be constantly amazed and also shocked at some of the ideas people have without any evidence at all.
The Universal Flood Mini Revelation Series
Working on it.....