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Visit The Game Crafter website to see more details on our games. Take a look at other games available on the site as well. Our games are called Land Grab - Edition 1, Psalms 23 (a tile expansion game) and Old Testament Books (a card game).

If you don't see them right away, use the search box. Be sure to click the box for both Games and Expansion games and lower down on the menu Featured to see both games together. You may also have to add the name of the game in the search box after clicking the little boxes on the menu. The card game is not published yet but will be in a few days. (You may have to click on advanced search at the bottom of the page to have the side bar show up for picking the categories.)

There are many new games being added every day, so the search box will be your best opportunity to track down our games. Put in the name and watch. It should show up on the right on the top line.

Perhaps you would like to create and publish your own games! This is the place to do it. The Game Crafter company manufactures one game at a time or many, whatever you wish! Give it a try!

If you have questions or problems looking at the site, email me and I will help you through whatever your problem may be.

To actually order the games without going to The Game Crafter to search for them, you can visit and order them direct from The Game Crafter by using the Buy button on each page.

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