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1 Email a business ad or picture in the form of a .jpg or a .gif. For word ads only just send the wording you want in your ad. If you are combining pictures and text, please export into a .jpg or .gif before sending. We are not currently providing graphic expertise.

2 In your email provide the URL for the web site you want it pointed to OR provide the email address or phone number where you want people to respond to your ad (in the ad itself).

PRICE: $5.00US per year per ad You may place ads in several sections, but it will still be $5.00US per year for each ad. Email us HERE or call us at 1-866-643-2206.

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3 Once we receive your ad information, if approved, we shall email you a bill from PayPal for your ad. You can pay for the ad with PayPal, (or your credit card through PayPal, if you do not have an account)--right from the email page which you receive from us which will come to you from PayPal. OR You can mail the ad and a money order for $5.00US or the equivalent in Canadian funds if you do not wish to use PayPal. No personal cheques, please.

When we receive verification from PayPal that your payment has come through, the ad will be placed on the site immediately.

If your ad is rejected, you will be notified and the reason will be given. Possibly just a change of wording would be needed. All new advertisers will receive two free months at the beginning of their year for a total of 14 months. This will give us time to get more advertisers on the site and start driving visitors to your ads. NOTE: If you sell out, please cancel your order or place a new one. You may finish off your year with a different ad.

NOTE: We reserve the right to accept or reject any ads being placed. This is a Christian web site and will be conducted as such even in our classified ads. We look forward to serving you.